Planning for your Vocational future...

Certified Vocational Evaluation Services, Inc.  has been in business since 2000.  Through our vocational assessments, CVES has helped thousands of clients focus on their personal vocational direction.  Our Vocational Evaluations are individualized confidential reports which provide observations, explanations and recommendations based on a client's actual test results.

Our professional vocational evaluations are geared toward objectively helping transitioning and/or challenged individuals successfully return to work. 

Through our interviewing and assessment processes, we assist each individual in identifying their unique combination of skills, aptitudes and abilities while taking into consideration any physical capacities and limitations.  These factors, as well as a client's vocational goals, help CVES Evaluators determine what training and education needs plus any workplace accommodations that might be required.

We currently serve Southern Arizona and invite you to contact us for more information about how CVES can help you or your organization.